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About me


Although the idea of photographing a funeral may seem inappropriate or disrespectful to some, it is also a wonderful way to preserve memories of the departed – and their friends and family – for current and future generations.

At every funeral, there are always smiles as well as the sadness. Happiness at remembering the joyous and fun of the good in a person’s life.

I want to capture that.

Photography is not my first career, but it’s become increasingly important in my life.

I’ve worked as a Chef/Educator for more than 30 years including stints at the Sydney Opera House and the Curry Bazaar in Crows Nest. During my Career as a TAFE Cookery Teacher I would photograph my students dishes for their portfolio and it was here that my serious interest in photography began. 

Recently a friend asked if I could photograph his mother’s funeral, it was an honour to do so. When reflecting on the day it occurred to me that families and friends could benefit from having something to look back at, now and in the future.

I’m ready to give you the benefit of my photographic practice.